Holiday diary 1999-10-10

We enjoyed the travel at the end of the week.
Leaving about 1000km of Sapporo it ran by the automobile.
We looked at the red and yellow leaves and inhaled many beautiful air.
This time the travel that inquires into the health and history culture.

My holiday when writes with the photograph

View from the Mt.Tento-zan
Kitami pass
There is a Kitami pass in the route from Asahikawa to Abashiri. The Mount Teshio summit neighborhood had already snowed. This pass was opened up by the prisoner in the Meiji Era. Nearly 200 prisoners died with the cold and fatigue. This tombstone is comforting the spirit of the prisoner which died with severe labor. The surroundings of the Kitami pass are the forest of a white birch, called Shirakaba-road.

Hokkaido Museum of Northen Peoples
Here is introducing the native who is living in the north area. The life of the race such as Ainu and Eskimo, Cadian Indian are displayed. They have the common points of many races very. The Ainu race is coexisting with us in Hokkaido. The exhibition contents are an academics target very much. The building of this museum exists in the top of Mt.Tento and be the distance in 10min from the Abashiri city area by the car. Abashiri-shi city is in 350km of distance from Sapporo-shi. Even the observatory is established in the top of Mt.Tento, in addition to many communication facilities and relay facilities. This museum was very quiet in spite of afternoon on Saturday. The various kinds event are held in the lobby.
Folk costume of Ainu
Ainu is living extending from Siberia all area through Hokkaido. The part is harmonizing with Inuit. The collaboration is deep in all of an native american in terms of the folklore. The Aleut is living in the Aleutian Islands. Furthermore the extent reaches to the Scandinavia peninsula. We can learn the mode of life and culture from a various angle of 18century with the 3D Magic Visions theater here.
The stamp of the commemoration
Man of the northen area who wore the snow glasses. It's an enjoyable picture for the museum of the government organization.

Life tools of the northen peoples interesting
We can know the depth of the collaboration of each people, that we see the canoe and weapon etc. They transitted and was making alternating every place the floe.

The Okhotsk aquarium
There is the aquarium where gathered the creature of the Sea of Okhotsk-sea in Abashiri-shi. The Sea of Okhotsk is the abundant sea of ocean resources. History of this aquarium old. There is the memory that visited it when I was school children. It's the case before reliable, 30 years over. Blue crab that was gathered in the Russia sea area although I'm anxious about it a little bit..

Okhotsk floe museum
There is the flow icehouse where can experience minus 10 degrees Celsius here. The winter clothes are taken the trouble of lending to the visit person. However, we are getting used to the cold unlike the people of the mainland. Even if we enters into the flow icehouse only with the trainer jacket we have no problem. Needless to say I dressed the protections against the cold only to my daughter.
The view room exists in a best floor. I feel it more coldly than the flow icehouse, because the wind is cold. This museum is that the enterprise was done in the souvenir home where manages build. It looks like the purpose to draw closer the tourist. I feel the remainder academics target and do not do. The TV camera is established in the rooftop of the observatory and the visit person can operate freely. I put the lens of this remote control camera toward the sun. They should know the risk that causes the undefense TV camera operated freely :P Incidentally, the souvenir of here has sold also in the Abashiri jail museum. Let's finish confirming the turn that patrols with the sightseeing bus.

Moyoro shell mound museum
It's the facilities that received the appointment of the country as a unique historic place as the shell mound. It's the ruin of the destination resident that was living from 7,000 year ago. Furthermore the stratum is overlapping every 2,000 years. In each era, here discards the garbage and be a field and was a cemetery. The shell of the enormous quantity was excavated from a certain layer. Even many human bones that were buried from the layer that exists also were discovered. Also, even the pot and earthen vessel are excavated greatly and the whole historic place is a protection ward. However, so much for the facilities of the academics, the tourist hardly visits. It's the student of archaeology to come.

Abashiri Prison Museum
The Meiji Era, Hokkaido were the representative banishment ground. Many prisons existed in Hokkaido. As for the Abashiri prison the atrocious criminal such as the robbery murder was greatly accommodated. The reclamation era was commandeered as the commissariat supplement during the war as the worker. It's a prison usually that it is in Hokkaido at present. What we visited is the facilities that reproduced the severe jail in the Meiji Era. There numerous dolls take the trouble of teaching the situation in that time. The doll of the prisoner that tried the escape repeatedly was getting on the beam of the ceiling. He observed and caused it the grate corroded with the salt of the bean paste soup. However, after the prison breach, he was lost in the way. The farmer found that he is frozen under the bridge.

Cha Cha world museum
The worldwide wooden toys

Ikutawara town is the town of lumber processed goods. It's in the midway of the way from Asahikawa-shi to Kitami-shi. The toy that here was made with the tree wood is displayed and children able to play freely on the second floor. Even the paper diaper is available in the rest room. The every staff is kind to the kids.
The wooden ball pool is popularity to kids
Why do kids like such a thing? However, even I think that probably this is enjoyable. This ball has sold 1 piece at $1 in the stand of 1F. It may be adequate when the trouble is considered, although I think that it is very high. The small restaurant is establish to 1F. The soft cream is popularity to the kids. When we return home it was mixing into her 1 pocket :)
Wooden toy gentle
As for she here seems to have liked it. She said that even tomorrow wants to come in here. However, we get worse 300km or more tomorrow. It may be next year to be able to come here once again.
Coropocl shadowgraph art museum
The corner that displayed the work of Seiji Fujishiro. He is one of the famous shadowgraph worker. The fantastic shadowgraph that used the mirror is a highlight.

From Kita-Shibetsu attends Mt.Shari
The route which reaches in Shibetsu-cho and pass the Konpoku pass. The grass of the ranch is already taken and is cut. The pasturage is the season when ends. The preparation begins upon toward the winter. The Fertilizer for the wintering is sprinkled in the pasture where it was cropped. Although fertilizer is foul-smelling all over the neighbor it drifts.

Shibetsu Salmon Park
Here is the research facilities of a salmon. Disclosing the incubation even generally from the egg. We can observe even many fishes that we can choose in Hokkaido. However, one of the facilities of Chitose-shi the scale is big. Because there are many toys it looks like to the kids the popularity.

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